Our Team Has a New Home Office!

DIA’s new home office is specifically designed to serve our customers better than ever before. You can visit our new home office located at: 10226 Midway Road, Dallas, Texas 75229. Have questions for our team? Call (844) 222-9450 and we’d be happy to help!
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Mortgage Servicing Solutions

DIA Servicing simplifies the mortgage payment process and is committed to borrowers and lenders alike. We take the stress out of note servicing for lenders and handle the most complex regulatory and legal aspects of mortgage management, allowing lenders to rest easy in knowing that they are in good hands. We service owner-financed loans and wraparound loans, as well as offer additional mortgage services. Contact us today for more information.

Servicing Solutions

Monthly Processing

Monthly processing monthly statements sent to borrowers, courtesy calls and, if necessary, late notices sent to borrowers, prompt payment posting/lender disbursement, a friendly Customer Care Team to answer all lender/borrower questions and so much more!

Escrow Management

Escrow management includes individual impound accounts set up and maintained monthly for every escrowed loan, insurance renewals and force-place processing, yearly tax payments, and yearly escrow analysis and adjustments made on every escrowed loan.

Accurate Reporting

We offer 24/7 account monitoring through our lender and borrower portals, monthly lender disbursement reports describing the amortization of each payment, yearly 1098/1099 reporting for borrowers and lenders, and a suite of reports available upon request!

Trusted Servicing Partner of Texas Investors

Why DIA Servicing

Why DIA Servicing

DIA Servicing was formed, in part, to answer the call of those Lenders frustrated with handling the servicing process themselves, and those frustrated with their current servicer. Having observed these frustrations, we have put processes in place to provide you with what you want-when you want it. DIA Servicing is committed to ensuring that our Lenders never feel “in the dark” about what is going on with their loan. We utilize top-of-the line software that allows us to instantaneously update your individual loan information, and our online Lender Portal is available to you 24/7.

Lender’s Corner

Lender’s Corner

Listening to what Lender’s want and need most out of their servicing company formed the foundations and philosophies of DIA Servicing. Everyday, the owners of DIA Servicing foster a culture focused on delivering and meeting the needs of our Lenders

Borrower’s Corner

Borrower’s Corner

The purchase of a home is oftentimes the biggest investment a person will make in their lifetime. Borrowers will meet many people early on including their real estate agent, escrow officer, and loan officer. The servicing company, works in lockstep with borrowers throughout the life of their loan and we take this commitment seriously and are proud to work with all of our borrowers. That's why our Customer Care Team is on standby--we are here to serve our borrowers. Call or email us today!


DIA Servicing, LLC, is a Dallas-Fort Worth based residential mortgage loan servicing company founded by Texas real-estate attorneys each having extensive knowledge of complex state and federal mortgage lending and servicing regulations. Prior to forming DIA Servicing, our founders worked in the mortgage lending and servicing industries, and gained first-hand knowledge and experience of the “post-closing” world that is mortgage servicing. Taking this knowledge and experience with them, our founders set-out to create an organization that serves its customers with the primary goal of making the servicing process simple, efficient, and organized.


Are you a borrower with a question about your mortgage? Complete the form below or email CustomerCare@diaservicingtx.com. If you are a lender interested in learning more about our services, please contact info@diaservicingtx.com.

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