About US

Our Background

DIA Servicing, LLC, is a Dallas-Fort Worth based residential mortgage loan servicing company dedicated to perfecting the role of the middleman between a borrower and lender of a residential mortgage loan. Our company was founded by Texas real-estate attorneys each having extensive knowledge of complex state and federal mortgage lending and servicing regulations.

Prior to forming DIA Servicing, our founders worked in the mortgage lending and servicing industry, and gained first-hand knowledge and experience of the “post-closing” world that is mortgage servicing. Taking this knowledge and experience, our founders set-out to create an organization that serves its customers with the primary goal of making the servicing process simple, efficient, and organized. As soon as a loan is closed, our team handles the entire process beginning with the first loan payment to payoff--and every scenario in between.


Core Values:

  • Dedication – We do whatever it takes and are results oriented. We strive to accomplish impactful and important tasks. Most importantly, we never give up.
  • Integrity – We maintain and uphold an environment that is ethically sound, honest, and truthful. We take ownership of our actions and hold ourselves accountable in all situations.
  • Assurance – We pledge to provide all customers with certainty, and instill in them confidence in our daily operations. We will not rest until this has been accomplished.
Reach Us at (844) 222-9450